Basic Cornhole Building Instructions

Be ready for your next game of Cornhole or that tournament or tailgate party with a Cornhole game you have built yourself.  Believe it or not, a set of boards is probably much easier for you to take on as opposed to a set of Cornhole Bags.

It is not hard to build a cornhole set and it won’t take long either.  In a few evenings or a weekend you can have a new Cornhole set ready to use.
You will need these things to build Corn hole Boards:
    -Power drill/screwdriver
    -2 sheets of plywood 24”x36”
    -4 2×4’s – 24” long for the frame
    -4 2×4’s – 32” long for the frame
    -4 2×4’a – 13.5” long for the legs
   - Screws
    -Drawing compass
    -Paint: a high gloss paint works well because the glossy surface will allow the corn hole bags to slide right into the hole. (Maybe!)
You will need to start with 2 of the 24” pieces of wood and position them on the shorter sides of the plywood and then place the 32” pieces in between those on the long sides of the plywood.
Line all these pieces of wood up and use the screws to screw the frame together.  You will not
want to screw the plywood into the frame until the frame is assembled. 
When you have the frame put together you can screw the plywood top onto the frame.
Now it’s time to make the hole.  Measure 12” in from either side and 9” down from the top, finding the center point of the hole.  Now use your compass and draw a circle that is 6” in diameter.
Attach the legs at the back closest to the hole.  Screw through the frame into the legs but do not go through the platform.
Sand and paint and your platform is ready to use.  Now you know how to make your very own Cornhole boards.
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