Making Cornhole Bags
I still remember the first time I tried to make my own cornhole bags. I bought the wrong fabric, I broke a few needles, and the bags didn’t hold very well. So right off the bat, if you don’t know how to sew, I think I’d just buy a set and call it a day. Most of the cornhole bags you can buy these days are pretty good and will last you a few years. So it’s not necessarily worth learning how to sew just to save a few bucks on the bags. But, if you’re up for the challenge then go for it. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. 
Here are my tips for buying your own set. But a little background first. I used to build sets and sell them locally. And I bought my sets from a local company called SC Cornhole that was just outside Chicago. I mentioned it elsewhere in the site, they have a coupon that is kind of old but appears to still work. “Summer” will give you a 10% discount and will also get you a free tote bag. Their prices are pretty low so that’s a very good deal.
But let me give you a super quick rundown of options for cornhole bags:
1) Corn-Filled Bags—You can’t go wrong with these right? The upside is that they are the standard and considered to be “official”. The downside is that they get ruined by either mice or rain. So I guess it depends on how responsible you are with the storage of the bags. The other thing to consider is that the bags slowly lose weight because the corn breaks down. This is the safe bet, but be aware of the downsides.
2) Weather Resistant Bags–These are the same as corn-filled bags but filled with plastic pellets. The upside to this is that it takes away those problems associated with corn. Specifically the mice, weather, and weight loss. The downside? Well, you’re playing cornhole with bags filled with plastic. Most people don’t care, but some people really like being official. But for sure, if you’re using these on the beach, lake, or if you’re just really irresponsible with your bags, then go for these!
3) Unfilled Bags–This really isn’t a style of bag, but it’s an option. Basically, you buy the unfilled bag and you fill it with whatever you want. It saves you the trouble of buying, cutting, and sewing most of the bags. All you have to do is buy, fill, and sew the final side. Generally you can do this option for about 1/3 the cost of buying the bags completed.
4) Making Cornhole Bags–If you know how to sew, this is a good options because you’ll save a decent amount of money. If you don’t know how to sew, then I wouldn’t try it (see above) unless you planning on expanding your talent to make other stuff. There are some good instructions here.

Those are the options…if you end up making your own bags..let me know how it goes!  

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Just recently, my husband and I were having an upcoming party and we decided to break out our cornhole game that had been put away for the winter. Much to our surprise our bags had been destroyed.  The party was less than 5 days away and we did not know how we would get bags in that amount of time. We happened upon and not only did they have the colors we wanted they sent our bags in an exceptional amount of time.  We are thoroughly pleased with the quality and the fast shipping.  We recommend you guys to everyone!!


--Megan (Vero Beach, FL)


Not only was the ordering process easy and far cheaper than any other, but I received my bags in less than a week too! The bags are great! They are very durable and I know they will last a long time even though they get used very frequently. The site seems really dedicated to customer service and I felt confident that the entire process would be satisfactory. I am very impressed with the special offers being emailed to me since I ordered and I view the site frequently to see the latest great deals being offered. I know where I am going from now on for all of our cornhole needs!

Thank you!

 --Ashley (Dundas, VA)